A Relaxed Day

“Around fifteen days ago when it snowed a lot in Toronto, I hurt my back picking it. Although my son did the hand shovelling and I mostly used the snow blower but I hurt myself badly and have been suffering from this very severe pain in the back since then. Massage, heat, exercise..nothing seems to work. Today was a day off and real one .Nothing to do and just relaxing. No parties, no plans, no commitments. The day unfolded itself. I did (or did not do) anything. whatever the day asked me to do,I did. Finished a book of short stories, read a story by Alice Munro, started reading a new book ‘Quiet’by Susan Cain and watched the 1991 Oscar winner Silence of the Lambs. Did lots of rest and was lying almost all day so the back is also feeling a bit better .What a relaxed day..a wonderful day indeed….

Sometimes no planning to accomplish anything can be a good plan to accomplish a lot”

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